Innovative Training for Professional Impact

JoAnne Freeman - SWIMupstream

Meeting Facilitator

JoAnne is sought for her remarkable ability to facilitate meetings that achieve results. She has a solid track record of successful facilitation in corporations, institutions and NGO’s across sectors.

She expertly uses structured techniques and innovative methods to resolve complex and thorny issues in teams.

Convincing Presentations

The energetic training will cover all the essential ingredients that guarantee an influential and focused presentation. Learn techniques to keep your message clear and your audience tuned in. Master how to begin and end with a bang and not a whimper. Practice how to manage difficult questions and to use voice and gestures to hold your audience.

Convincing Presentations
Marketing Brand Me

Marketing Brand Me

Discover how to memorable and not overlooked. Acquire the ability to position your unique offer so that it stands out. Learn how to apply the principles of brand promotion to your particular set of talents and services and to use an effective model to make them visible and attractive. You will create a Brand Me brochure and practice communicating the value you bring. This workshop boosts personal recognition for career success.

The Art of Meeting Facilitation

This hands on workshop gives you the ability to run productive, on-time and interesting meetings. Learn how to enable people in groups to collaborate, innovate and work productively together. Through structured simulations, acquire expertise int he critical aspects of facilitation: holding the group with authority, voice and body language, structuring group work, techniques for boosting energy, managing difficult situations, and creating a trusting and engaging climate.

Art of Meeting Facilitation Course