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JoAnne Freeman, founder of SwimUpstream is recognized as an outstanding meeting facilitator and leadership trainer.

Meeting Facilitator

JoAnne is sought for her remarkable ability to facilitate meetings that achieve results. She has a solid track record of successful facilitation in corporations, institutions and NGO’s across sectors. She expertly uses structured techniques and innovative methods to resolve complex and thorny issues in teams.


Skills Training

The energetic workshop will enable participants to run excellent meetings that produce results and that finish on time! The training addresses techniques and behavior to ensure good meeting structure, clear focus, lively pace, the engagement of all participants as well as how to turn conflict into consensus.

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Marketing Brand Me

This very popular and dynamic workshop enables individuals to learn how make a credible first impression, gain recognition, promote unique competencies and make a memorable contribution. This training has been proven to get jobs and promotions!

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Female Leadership

The workshop will provide fundamental skills in how to get ahead in the game of business by decoding the unwritten rules. Participants will learn the art of politics and how to project executive presence. In addition exciting simulations will give new skills in making clear requests and responding confidently in critical situations.

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The Art of Meeting Facilitation Course

This exciting one-day course will give concrete skills in the critical aspects of facilitation: holding the group with authority, verbal and nonverbal behaviour, structuring group work, techniques for managing task and emotions, handling negativity and unforeseen problems, and creating a trusting and engaging climate.

This fast-paced and engaging training will give people immediate applicable skills and tools to run great meetings.

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Leadership Training and Facilitation

In creating SWIM upstream, JoAnne Freeman has woven together various strands of professional expertise. She has made great impact on female executives and her results in training leaders have become a success. Her unique approach blends extensive experience in global corporations, UN agencies, hi-tech start-ups and commercial companies.

She is recognized for innovative techniques to meeting facilitation and team building and has developed particularly effective approaches to personal promotion and influence.

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Partnership with DIAFORA


JoAnne is a partner of DIAFORA, a Paris based organization specializing in Diversity Consulting and Leadership Training for female managers and senior executives.

DIAFORA programmes are attended by a wide cross section of premier international corporations from across Europe.

The WOMEN'S LEADERSHIP PROGRAMME is designed to strengthen the influence and impact of women managers with confirmed leadership potential. This is a programme of choice for companies engaged in positioning women for leadership roles and key decision-making responsibilities.

JoAnne delivers several unique and game changing courses that she has developed to support DIAFORA’s vision of gender balanced corporate leadership teams; Mastering the Rules of the Game and Executive Presence and Impact.

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