JoAnne Freeman ensured the programme was dynamic

The UNEP Post-Conflict and Disasters Management Branch arranged its annual retreat in Chamonix on 23-24 April 2015.

We were 30 colleagues from the main office in Geneva + field staff from Darfur, Khartoum, Kabul, Juba, Port-au-Prince, + HQ in Nairobi, and regional offices in Bangkok and Panama. Fortunately we had JoAnne Freeman as our retreat facilitator throughout the two days.

She ensured that the programme was dynamic and conducted in a positive atmosphere with team building exercises, interactive lectures, and outdoor events. I gave JoAnne ‘carte blanche’ to arrange the retreat, based on a programme outline with presentations by staff members.

She used very clever processes to integrate the business content into a powerful team building experience. She structured the two days in a creative manner that made the retreat interesting and rewarding for all participants.

I am happy to recommend JoAnne Freeman as a facilitator for similar events, and should also like to flag that she has on numerous occasions been engaged by UNEP HQ.”

Henrik Slotte
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