Marketing brand me

Marketing Brand Me

Take away benefits

  • Increased self-esteem and confidence
  • Realistic self-perception
  • Increased ability to present self and ideas
  • Appearing and sounding more convincing
  • Ability to influence others

The Workshop at a Glance

The very popular and dynamic workshop will allow professionals to gain new insights and skills in self-promotion.

In an environment that is safe, fun, and stimulating, participants will be encouraged and supported to practice ‘selling’ their unique competencies.

Through practical illustrations, by learning new tools and vocabulary, and by receiving feedback and praise, participants will gain new abilities that can be quickly used to make a credible first impression.

Content Outline

  • How we need to communicate to be heard
    Speak up, employ powerful words, be interesting
  • Assertiveness and influence
    Don’t be shy about promoting your achievements
    Win hearts and minds by connecting to personal interest
  • Marketing brand me
    Creating a marketing strategy
    Identifying your unique niche
    Being a star at work – tips for visibility and networking
  • Personal Feature – Benefit Model
    Identifying how to bring value to others
    Understanding the importance of customer focus in everything we do
  • Projecting a memorable message
    Constructing a personal promotional statement
  • How to be inspiring, credible and engaging
    Individual practice sessions
    Using feedback to improve